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  Beef tartare, truffle sauce, pecorino, ciabatta 235 K  
  Tuna tartare, pickled radish, cucumber, coriander, chilli 235 K  
  Duck foie gras pat and crème brûle, brioche 250 K  
  Beef heart, Jerusalem artichoke puree, brown butter mayonnaise 225 K  
  Veal tripe, beef oxtail, horseradish crme fraiche, bread chips 225 K  
  Snails, mushrooms, celery baked in bread 225 K  


  French onion soup with Gruyre cheese 125 K  
  Creamy baked celery soup with persil pesto and pumpkin seeds 95 K  


  Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast, bacon, anchovy dressing and Parmesan 245 K  
  Salad Nicoise with Yellowfin tuna, Kenya beans, egg, potatoes, anchovy and black olives 295 K  
  Salad with avocado, strawberries, goat cheese, walnuts and honey-orange dressing 245 K  

Fish and seafood

  Grilled octopus with chickpeas puree and tomato, chickpeas, Kenya and broad beans salad 425 K  
  Mussels according to daily recipe 295 K  
  Ask our staff for the actual offer of other fresh fish and seafood     


Main dishes

  "Coq au vin" - rooster with red wine, mushrooms, bacon, shallots 385 K  
  Stuffed quail with duck foie gras and chestnuts, pumpkin puree 365 K  
  Goose breast, red cabbage puree, roasted gnocchi 425 K  
  Fallow deer saddle, brussels sprouts, parsnip puree, cranberry sauce 425 K  
  Smoked beef cheek, confited shallots, onion puree 385 K  
  Beef oyster blade steak, poached egg, truffle oil, dijon sauce 435 K  
  Beef fillet steak, caramelized garlic sauce 495 K  
  French style beef tartare, french fries Julienne 335 K  
  Beef burger, Cheddar cheese, bacon, pickled cucumber, red onion, french fries Julienne 335 K  

Side dishes

  Home-made french fries Julienne 55 K  
  Home-made french fries Julienne with truffle oil and parmesan 90 K  
  Gratinated potatoes with cream 55 K  
  Smoked potatoe pure 55 K  
  Vegetables according to daily selection 85 K  
  Mesclun mixed salad 55 K  
  Baguette with butter and herbs 55 K  
  Bread 35 K  
  Selection of European cheese according to daily offer 245 K  


  Chocolate fondant, pistachio ice cream 125 K  
  Creamy cake with walnuts, kefir milk, baked pear, chocolate 125 K  
  Cinnamon crème brûle with Szechuan pepper 125 K  
  Baked apple crumble with raisins, vanilla sauce with sea salt 125 K  
  Fruit sorbets or ice cream according to daily offer 66 K  
  Additional service fee of 10 % is charged for groups of 12 and more people.​    


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